Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions we get about the TaxiZapp Dispatch system. If you don;t find what you are looking for here feel free to contact us.

Is there a contract?

With TaxiZapp dispatch you pay only after you add your 6th driver into the system and payment is then taken monthly on that date. You can discontinue with TaxiZapp at any time and only pay for any use you have made of the system since your last payment.

Is VAT charged?

VAT is chargeable to UK customers

What happens if I add/remove a driver in the middle of a month?

Any changes are charged based on a proportion of the monthly fee.

For such an affordable price can this system have as many features as traditional dispatch systems?

Yes! We believe that our system provides as many features as other systems and also some different ones! Because the system is based in the cloud we can add features and they are available to you instantly. We are always happy to listen to our customers and suggestions they may have for changes. We believe in an open and transparent pricing system where you have complete control over what you are paying based on the features you wish to have and the number of drivers in your company.

Is there an app for passengers?

Each taxi company, who is paying a subscription, can have an app branded for their company to be made available on the android and apple app stores. This involves a little time to have it listed in the relevant stores. In addition, or alternatively, each companies cars are bookable via the TaxiZapp passenger app - this opens up your business by presenting your company to potential passengers who may not have used you before.

Can I have booking via my website?

This feature will be available shortly - If you already have a website then we will supply you with a widget you can place on your website to take bookings. If you do not have a website we can supply you with a customisable website including a booking form.

What type of phone do drivers need to have?

Drivers must have either an android smartphone or an iPhone - these phones are readily available and can be purchased second hand if necessary.

Does running the app use up much battery on the drivers phone?

To provide accurate driver tracking there will be a drain on the battery when the driver is logged into the system. It would be our recommendation that the driver has their phone on charge while in their vehicle

What happens if you update the system - will I have to pay more?

There will be no additional charges for updates and these will be provided to you automatically.

How do drivers get updates?

Drivers will be notified of any updates to their driver app automatically

Where do I get help with using the system? Is it complicated?

TaxiZapp dispatch has a built in step by step system which will assist you to use each function of the system. It is very easy to use as is the dispatch system. For any additional queries we are happy to answer questions via email.

What if i want to upgrade my subscription to have more features?

You can upgrade your system at any time from the subscription page on your dashboard

Can i determine which people have access to the system?

Yes - you can allocate persons as dispatchers who can only use the dispatch system or administrators who can access and change settings - we may introduce further access levels based on feedback. Drivers can login and download any information relating to them.

If I choose to discontinue using TaxiZapp what happens my data?

At all times your data is safely and securely stored within the system and you can choose to download it at any time. If you wish to discontinue your use of TaxiZapp you can therefore also download your data.