What is TaxiZapp?

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TaxiZapp Dispatch is an internet based taxi dispatch system for those taxi and minicab companies who want to introduce a dispatch system and move away from pen and paper “systems” or radio dispatch.

It is also for those who have tried other dispatch systems but have found them to be hard to use and complicated to set up. If you can switch on a computer and use a mouse then this is the system for you.

All the basics required in a dispatch system are available in one package. Pricing is simple - you pay per driver, per month.

Try it all out - right now - for free - without having to talk to a salesperson

We estimate that a company can be using the basic dispatch system within an hour (based on 20drivers)



TaxiZapp dispatch requires you only to have a computer with an internet connection and for your drivers to have an iphone or android smartphone. Its a quality system available without contract on a pay as you go monthly basis. The primary dispatch functions are available for one price so everyone has access to these. When we update the software you receive it automatically for free. As and when we add new features we may introduction pricing points. If that’s not what you are currently paying then you can decide if its worth the extra - you are always in control of your costs!

Who benefits from it?


Drivers can manage their time and journeys in a more efficient way through the use of the Taxizapp driver app.


Dispatchers Take control of your taxi company by using our dedicated dispatching system. It doesn’t matter the size of your fleet.


Clients Keep clients up to date with the drivers location by taking advantage of the free taxizapp passenger app.


You cannot "break" the TaxiZapp dispatch system - nor can your drivers or staff - there is nothing installed on your computer. Help and support are built into the system so its super easy to use. The system can grow with you as you acquire more customers and more drivers. Your data is always safe and secure and downloadable by you at any time you wish.



TaxiZapp Dispatch is designed to let you set up the system and get dispatching as quickly as possible. It will guide you through the steps needed to get started and can have you dispatch a job from scratch in as little as 15 mins! A company of 20 drivers can be online, with the basics, in less than an hour and your office staff can be using the system confidently with the security of instant online help should they wish to check anything. Check it out and see!

"I can check what’s happening in the business from anywhere I can get on the internet – I can see everything that my staff and drivers are doing and have done. It stores all my business information and best of all I could set it up and I can make changes without having to ask my children for help!"
Tommy Boyd, Taxi company owner
“I got a link to my phone to download an app – it was easy to do and it’s easy to use. I didn’t have to go somewhere to get anything installed so I just kept working – if i get a street pick up I can record this back to the office and when they close down for the night I can keep working cos the system is automatic and anyone booking by app can still use me.”
Stephen, Taxi driver


Free 10 day trial - credit card details not required to sign up! No contract - cancel anytime.


Access to all currently available features of TaxiZapp Dispatch

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Per Driver / Per Month
Feature Benefit
Allows multiple dispatchers/admin When your office is busy have someone else log in to help manage bookings.
Different access levels - admin/dispatcher/driver You determine what people can access within your system.
Take bookings and dispatch - full records kept - automatically or manually You can let the system do the work with your dispatchers monitoring.
Customer apps take bookings Reduces the workload for your phone dispatchers.
Future bookings possible via system or apps Your work can be planned in advance.
Track your drivers Be aware of where your drivers are when they are on shift.
Message your drivers as a group or individually You can quickly inform drivers of important information.
Create multiple tariffs You can have a wide range of rates to meet different situations and instantly activate or deactivate them.
Create fixed fares - from one location to another Offer discounts for example to and from airports.
“We always know where the drivers are so we can let customers know – but they can see it themselves if they have the app – the system sends work automatically so we don’t have the drivers complaining and they get all the info they need so we don’t get calls to check addresses. We can even message them and them us. I was able to understand and use the system straight away – At my age I was worried about this as I never really used a computer – but it was easy.”
Amy, Dispatcher

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